Balanced Scorecard Basics

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Balanced Scorecard Course Overview

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Over the past several decades, organizations have come to realize that success cannot only be measured in dollars and cents. Intangible assets (like a company’s reputation, the knowledge base created by their employees, and training initiatives) can make up a huge portion of a company’s wealth. It only makes sense, then, that we need a new tool to help us measure this expanded definition of success. Enter the balanced scorecard! This tool and its related components will help your organization identify, document, plan, and execute a balanced strategic mission. It will also help your organization evaluate and revise its strategic execution.

This two-day workshop will introduce you to the basics of the balanced scorecard and help you determine if this powerful tool is a good fit for your organization.

Balanced Scorecard Course Objectives

Strategic Planning Training & Strategic Planning Courses in Dubai This two-day workshop will teach participants how to:

  • Define what the balanced scorecard is and its benefits
  • Describe common balanced scorecard pitfalls & how to avoid them
  • Determine if the balanced scorecard is right for your organization
  • Describe the key elements of the balanced scorecard process
  • Identify a strategy map, tactical action plan, and balanced scorecard
  • Create a vision statement for the balanced scorecard
  • Understand what corporate values, mission statements, and vision statements are and how they tie into the balanced scorecard
  • Understand what processes support the balanced scorecard


CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, senior executives, new and existing managers, operations managers, project managers, program managers, technical managers, chief officers, department heads, human resource managers, training managers, supervisors, and anyone aspiring to move into a leadership, executive or management role.


Strategic Planning Course BenefitsThis Balanced Scorecard class employs a combination of lectures (via PowerPoint presentations), exercises, simulations, tools, guides, and case studies to help leaders master the principles and skills in each topic area.

Balanced Scorecard Course Outline

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Balanced Scorecard Training

This course on the balanced scorecard will be conducted over a period of 2 days, starting from 8:30 AM and ending at 3:30 PM daily.

     *For in-house courses, timings can be customized by mutual agreement.

Course Overview

  • Understanding the balanced scorecard
  • The ingredients for success
  • Overview of the balanced scorecard process
  • Creating a project vision statement
  • Understanding organizational mission, vision, and values
  • Plans and processes to build
  • Building balanced scorecard teams

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Certificate Awarded

At the completion of this training program, attendees will each be awarded an IIBA and PMI Endorsed Certificate worth 14 Professional Development Hours

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