Course Overview

Strategic Thinking and Planning Training Courses in DubaiIf you and the people who work with you don’t understand where the company is going, they may all develop their own priorities and actually prevent you from getting where you need to be. Part of getting everyone on board is creating a strategic plan complete with the organization’s values, vision, and mission. Then, there’s the challenge of bringing these principles to life in a meaningful way that people can relate to. This three-day course will help you describe what you want to do and get people where you want to go.

Classroom Training

3 Days
  • 18 PDUs

Strategic Planning Course Objectives

Strategic Planning Training & Strategic Planning Courses in Dubai This three-day workshop will teach participants how to:

  • Identify the values that support their company
  • Define the vision for their company
  • Write a mission statement that explains what the company’s purpose is
  • Complete meaningful SWOT analyses
  • Apply tools and techniques to create a strategic plan that directs the organization from the executive to the front line
  • Implement, evaluate, and review a strategic plan
  • Identify how related tools, such as the strategy map and balanced scorecard, can help them develop a strategic plan


CEO’s, COO’s, new and existing managers, team leads, operations managers, project managers, program managers, technical managers, chief officers, department heads, human resource managers, training managers, supervisors, and anyone aspiring to move into a leadership or management role.


Strategic Planning Course BenefitsThis Strategic Planning Workshop employs a combination of lectures (via PowerPoint presentations), assessments, simulations, tools, guides, and case studies to help leaders master the principles and skills in each topic area.

Course Outline

Planning Course in Dubai

Strategic Planning workshop course in Dubai

Course will be conducted over a period of 3 days, starting from 8:30 AM and ending at 2:30 PM daily, followed by a lunch buffet.  There will be allowances for short refreshment breaks.

     *For in-house courses, timings can be customized by mutual agreement.

Course Overview

Understanding Strategic Planning

  • What it Does?
  • Making Connections
  • Pyramid Structure

Identifying Our Values

  • Pre-Assignment Review
  • Creating Value Statements

Designing Our Vision

  • The Vision Process
  • Defining Your Vision

On a Mission

  • Defining Your Mission Statement
  • Designing a Mission Statement

Performing a SWOT Analysis

  • What is a SWOT Analysis?
  • Individual Analyses
  • SWOT Ratings

Setting Goals

  • Fitting into the Plan
  • Goals Setting Using a Model
  • Getting Into It

Assigning Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities

  • Who Does What and When?
  • Establishing Priorities
  • Problem Solving in Action

The Full Picture

  • Strategic Planning Snapshot
  • Skill Development

Gathering Support

  • Who Reviews the Plan and How
  • Putting It into Practice

Making the Change

  • Getting Ready
  • The Three Phases
  • Insights
  • Control and Change

How Does it Look?

  • Presenting your ideas
  • Creative Considerations

Getting There

  • Planning for Problems
  • Making it Great
  • Sample Strategy Map
  • Sample Balanced Scorecard

Mocking Up the Process

  • Recommended Reading List
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
  • Personal Action Plan

Certificate Awarded

At the completion of this training program, attendees will each be awarded an IIBA and PMI Endorsed Certificate worth 18 Professional Development Hours

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Mon - Wed

21 - 23


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25 - 27


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30 - 1


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