Cancellation Policies and Discounts

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Registration Terms

Nominations to our public courses are to be processed by the client’s HR/Training department except for self-nominations. A refund will be issued back to the client in the event of course cancellation or seat unavailability. Registration confirmation is subject to BMCI’s review of the registration request and seat availability.

Cancellation Terms

If the client cancels their confirmed registration for a training session, the following will apply:

  • More than 21 days prior to course date = No charges
  • 21-7 days prior to start-date = 50% of total Course Fee
  • Less than 7 days prior to start date = 100% of total Course Fee

*Kindly note that registrations are not final until paid in full.

Group and Corporate Discounts

We offer corporate & group discounts on our courses. These discounts are available for regular clients who want to maximize their return on investment.

Individual Discounts

We offer discounts to individuals on many courses for people who are self-sponsored & make their payment in full and upfront at the time of registration.