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Course Overview

Presentation and Public Speaking Courses in Dubai

Presentation & Public Speaking Training – Courses in Dubai

New presentation hosts and public speakers will get a great deal of mileage from this two-day course. Strong presenters rely on both skill and confidence, and this course delivers solid content that encourages growth in both of those areas. Speakers will learn to:

  • Establish rapport.
  • Implement nervousness management techniques.
  • Appeal to different learning or listening styles.
  • Use visual aids to make an impact and command the attention of the audience.
  • Create a professional presence.
  • Organize information.

The course will conclude with learners delivering a short presentation illustrating their newly acquired skills.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course Outline

Presentation and Public Speaking Course in Dubai

Agenda: Day One (Icebreaker: Interesting Introductions)

Session One

  • Course Overview

Session Two

  • Communication

Session Three: Stop! Check Your Mouth!

  • Speaking Characteristics
  • Five Good Rules

Session Four: What’s Your Type? How About Mine?

  • The Assessment
  • Break
  • Debrief
  • Learning to Type

Session Five: Positive Self-Talk

Session Six

  • Rapport
  • Morning Wrap-Up
  • Lunch
  • Energizer: Brag It Up

Session Seven: Maximizing Meetings

Session Eight

  • Body Language

Session Nine

  • Sticky Situations

Session Ten: I Can Just Send an E-mail, Right?

  • Advantages of an Oral Presentation
  • Oratory Exercise
  • Presenting…

Session Eleven: Overcoming Nervousness

  • About Nervousness
  • Mastering Non-verbal Communication
  • Day One Wrap-Up

Agenda: Day Two (Re-Connect)

Session Twelve: The Five S’s

  • Five Points for Any Presentation
  • Preparing with the Five-S Pattern
  • Presentations

Session Thirteen: Start Writing!

  • Evidence
  • Introductions
  • Following the Opening Statement
  • Break
  • Transitioning to the Body
  • Endings
  • Think Fast!
  • Presentations

Session Fourteen: Audience Profile

  • Morning Wrap-Up
  • Lunch
  • Energizer: Creative Compliments

Session Fifteen: Your Speaking Voice

  • Parts of Your Message
  • Vocal Variety
  • Mastering Your Material

Session Sixteen:

  • Add Punch to Your Presentation

Session Seventeen: Your Presentation

  • Preparation
  • Presentations
  • Debrief
  • Workshop Wrap-Up

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