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PMI-PgMP Training (4th Edition)

Our Program Management Training is  based on “The Standard for Program Management 4th Edition”. This training will make our delegate eligible to sit for PMI-PgMP® exam.  In this training course you will learn the best practices, including how to develop a business case, align program requirements with organizational objectives, establish a governance framework, manage stakeholders and execute a program roadmap .

This PgMP training will equip you with the skills & knowledge to effectively navigate the PgMP discipline, including processes, themes, knowledge areas and concepts of the PgMP Standards forth Edition, & align your experience with PgMP® definitions and terminologies.

Training Course Objectives

PgMP Training UAEYou Will Learn How To:

  • How to apply the best practices of the industry
  • How to align programs with your organizational strategy
  • You will also learn how to establish and execute the program roadmap
  • Set up a proper governance structure
  • Apply leadership expertise, skills, & competencies

Course Outline

Day # 1


  • What is a Program?
    • Initiation of Programs
    • The Relationships among Portfolios, Programs, and Projects
  • What is Program Management?
  • The Relationships among Portfolio, Program, and Project Management, and their Roles in Organizational Project Management (OPM)
    • The Interactions among Portfolio, Program, and Project Management
    • The Relationship between Program and Portfolio Management
    • The Relationship between Program and Project Management
  • The Relationships among Organizational Strategy, Program, and Operations Management
  • Business Value
  • Role of the Program Manager
    • Program Manager Competences
  • Role of the Program Sponsor
  • Role of the Program Management Office

Program Management Performance Domains

  • Program Management Performance Domain Definitions
  • Program Management Performance Domain Interactions
  • Organizational Strategy, Portfolio Management, and Program Management Linkage
  • Portfolio and Program Distinctions
  • Program and Project Distinctions
    • Uncertainty
    • Managing Change
    • Complexity


  • Program Business Case
  • Program Charter
  • Program Roadmap
  • Environmental Assessments
    • Enterprise Environmental Factors
    • Environmental Analysis
  • Program Risk Management Strategy
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Environmental Analysis
    • Risk Management for Strategy Alignment
    • Program Risk Thresholds
    • Initial Program Risk Assessment
    • Program Risk Response Strategy

Day # 2


  • Benefits Identification
    • Benefits Register
  • Benefits Analysis and Planning
    • Benefits Management Plan
    • Benefits Management and the Program Roadmap
    • Benefits Register Update
  • Benefits Delivery
    • Benefits and Program Components
    • Benefits and Program Governance
  • Benefits Transition
  • Benefits Sustainment


  • Program Stakeholder Identification
  • Program Stakeholder Analysis
  • Program Stakeholder Engagement Planning
  • Program Stakeholder Engagement
  • Program Stakeholder Communications

Day # 3


  • Program Governance Practices
    • Program Governance Plan
    • Program Governance and Vision and Goals
    • Program Approval, Endorsement, and Definition
    • Program Success Criteria
    • Program Monitoring, Reporting, and Controlling
    • Program Risk and Issue Governance
    • Program Quality Governance
    • Program Change Governance
    • Program Governance Reviews
    • Program Periodic Health Checks
    • Program Component Initiation and Transition
    • Program Closure
  • Program Governance Roles
    • Program Sponsor
    • Program Steering Committee
    • The Program Management Office
    • Program Manager
    • Project Manager(s)
    • Other Stakeholders


  • The Program Life Cycle
    • Program Life Cycle Phases Overview
    • Program Definition Phase
    • Program Delivery Phase
    • Program Closure Phase
  • Program Activities and Integration Management
    • Program Activities Overview
    • Program Integration Management
    • Mapping of the Program Life Cycle to Program Activities

Day # 4


  • Program Definition Phase Activities
  • Program Formulation Activities
  • Program Planning Phase Activities
  • Program Delivery Phase Activities
  • Program Change Monitoring and Controlling
  • Program Communications Management
  • Program Financial Management
  • Program Information Management
  • Program Procurement Management
  • Program Quality Assurance and Control
  • Program Resource Management
  • Program Risk Monitoring and Controlling
  • Program Schedule Monitoring and Controlling
  • Program Scope Monitoring and Controlling
  • Program Closure Phase Activities
  • Program Financial Closure
  • Program Information Archiving and Transition
  • Program Procurement Closure
  • Program Resource Transition
  • Program Risk Management Transition

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be issued to the attendees. This course will entitle delegates to 30 PDUs (Professional Development Units)  from Project Management Institute (PMI).

Program Management Training

PgMP Exam Application Procedure

Learn how to apply for PgMP certification exam & find out exam fee.

Click here: Steps to Apply for the PgMP® Certification Exam

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