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People to work with governments that much this is really not everybody’s self you have to be in a pretty senior role or maybe you have to be highly empowered but intellectually Internet Governance here is a simplified version of it all they’re doing is that you want you to know what are the practices related to governance that programs are making use of or should make use of so for example monitoring and reporting obviously if you don’t have monitoring and you don’t have before stuff constantly but get watching if you don’t have reporting produced on an ongoing basis then you as a program manager or even your steering committee is going to be on the walks you’re not going to know what’s going on consider if you have five or seven different projects running and you’re the program manager and every time that your steering committee has a question you have to like figure out who’s the PM for specific trouble to project and then you have to call it and ask them what’s going on and your information is a few days late and you find out that at that point that there’s a problem and then you get a quote justify to your steering committee that makes you feel like you’re on control in a way you’re not you don’t have a good grip on what’s going on so the concept of governance here is to just lay out potential best practices that would help you stay in control and obviously every program manager wants to be in control there are some things in the practices here that is intended to keep you the program manager in check as a man that most of them to keep you in check you don’t mind program managers most of the time not you guys but most of the time are highly empowered they give you a lot of authority to act they give you a lot of authority make decisions your your limitations could be up to five ten percent of maybe budgets and so on the one thing we don’t want to touch without checking with your steering committee guess what it is what is it that you shouldn’t affect or change without checking with – as you wish you’re not in the project but enemies don’t touch them they’re running programs for benefits the moment you touch event you don’t anything to me or governance board that’s when you’re gonna have a problem so a lot of what you see here is to make sure you’re not touching the benefits as you as you wish it depends some benefits are time to it or time oriented strategic benefits have a time aspect to them so if you’re going to add back the timelines they can question that right so a lot of these things you look at them vision and goals explain things a little bit but you need to understand what the organization wants over here they’re going to check every piece of your program not just in the beginning but later also here a warning initiation a transition even though you’re the program manager you shouldn’t start and closed our projects on your own you need to check that everything is still okay unit before you start you need to check that we got the benefits we wanted before we close out on any specific vendor right there going to be a governance board they’re going to be the judge of whether they got the benefits or not all right so you would have oversight now mind you that’s not a bad thing some would say you know why someone observing and watching me every step you know the concept of big brother is watching well maybe you want Big Brother to watch because why you want someone to be participating with you you also want to be following along with you but you want someone to say but you said it was okay it wasn’t just me you said it was okay you reduce the data you can be the okay so it wasn’t just me blindly moving forward so you want that person or entity or body that says I am going to I am okay with it all right this is good unchecked power is trouble not because you intend to do something wrong it’s because they happen mistakes happen that’s why we get married so we are checked you know the average guy who said watch movies all day we have no issue with most of us but then somebody says the same you’re setting for too long get up and walk let’s go walk let me take these on ice cream shop let’s go buy you okay let’s walk all right that you need on a program because you are controlling a large amount of money I’m not really in your hands it’s your decision most of the time in moving funds and maybe because programs are large depending on where they are they have had lots of people so mistakes are not necessarily going to be overlooked there will be capped so you want that so along with the best practices we have the roles that need to be there for a specific program I can’t see the bottom of this there you go how do you design program governance and implemented right so let’s look at these things so governance most of the time it’s going to be a framework do you know what a framework is when we say framework a lot of people get it right they said yeah brain work what does that mean extortion structure many people overlook the word brain there are certain people that each is not to have their own certain drawing it’s a key right there are certain processes may be a few nothing drawn are going to be time took a long time to do and then there are tools how I brought tools a wrench so people process tools and what we do to make it to make to create a framework you creo put a train around it when you frame it what inside is in the framework but outside it’s not in the framework so when you say you have a garden framework it means I’ve decided on the people’s process tools including in the tools you can take the templates for moms or maybe workflow systems that you’re using or data that you’re collecting and processing is obviously that work there close that says do this then do this and do this and the guidelines the business rules for decision-making and the robots who should do what who has what a very few makes decisions right a combination of all these with a proper boundary that says only this constitutes a framework so if you’re setting up a governance framework you need to set up the people processes tools that we’re going to governance and keep in a program control right so that’s what darkness is is the framework functions and processes which are really in your framework in a way by which the programs will to be monitored somebody’s going to be checking on you managed for correcting if something goes wrong for change and supported this is when you need guidance all you need resources from your senior managers or your sponsors to be able to move forward and deliver the strategic goals of that program so you’re always going to have a review and decision making group which we call steering committee or we call the governance forward and you need to make sure that program is going to be run within this framework and manage day-to-day stuff the governance board does not manage the day-to-day stuff you manage day-to-day stuff related to the program but you draw the line the PM’s manage a day-to-day stuff for their own projects okay you have to draw the line thresholds you have to set thresholds it’s called control thresholds now I remember control thresholds you draw the line that says I am responsible for these things you are slotted for these things and this will be to anything for example how they record their own racist if they record in a different way than you that is hard for you to aggregate or consolidate data from different projects into yours which means you will be misinformed and you make the wrong decisions right governance refers the framework function did I repeat yeah I think so but also what would happen here the work that you do see this is a repetition we have that one but the work that you do to support projects underneath remember this keyword we call that component governance this genitive in your SS board governs you okay you come on your projects when you got up your projects like the same committee comments you we call that component officers you’re covering the component sorry come again you govern the project another program felony when recording your response right away we avoid any committee gavazzi yes and the way you set rules and guidelines for the projects underneath the controls are you put in place the ask component comments that’s how you monitor your own projects underneath the meetings that you have every so often every month every three months say guys I want to know so now a project that’s component governance when you report up this is the overall program governments how does effective governance help number one make sure that the goals are always aligned with the strategic vision my good is steering committee or governance board depending on what you call them the board is there to represent the organization so you may not necessarily interact with everybody in organizations if I did work for municipality I mean not being engaged with everybody maybe disparity for that program but I would engage with representatives from municipalities right so their percentages there are going to make sure that I’m always strategically aligned but their vision but the goals with the objectives governance if it’s effectively done we’ll make sure that your program is not approved until it meets certain criteria for them so approval or even termination of the program is done as a function of governor’s remember the concept of the program remember the business case the Charter the program management plan that’s a function of governance to check and make sure that these things are okay establishing clear well understood agreements for oversight that these are the reports that you will produce this is the level of authority you have these are the changes you are allowed to make these are all government’s engaging stakeholders by studying expectations now support will come from your sponsor some work you have to do but make sure that everybody is engaged and even with governance be able to engage external stakeholders that could be above your level as a program manager that’s something that governance can also help creating an environment where information is being shared about issues and risks is another function of Governors if you are operating in a structured organization if you are within a portfolio just like the project’s need to report to you when you are a program and you need to make sure that the projects are producing the goals and objectives of this program when you step in a portfolio with covenants there are usually controls that are being set in place to make sure that your programs are producing what these portfolios are looking for or benefits that you are remaining at all time applying with what the organization is looking for reviews evaluations because reviews could be alcohol could be for changes that are needed for health checks if the manual checks health checks are done on an ongoing basis the health check is different from audits they do health checks to make sure the program has been healthy technically financially and so on that it can continue that it’s feasible to move forward those things along with the audits that have been done or frequent reviews when you say some benefit has been completed all of these things are part of the benefits of effective governance making sure that the program remains viable that it continues to support our strategic goals is also one of the benefits of government selecting endorsing an evening program components a lot of times you will find a program manager wants to modify a program having capabilities that could prove to be harmful you know the example I gave you of you’re walking and you see this shining opportunity if you don’t have governance that is a very good chance that you stray off take that shine opportunity and by the time you come back you’ve messed the time line for you to actually be achieved so what are the things that governance is going to do is they will endorse and able to shoot off these components and any additional work that you’re trying to propose making decisions in between obviously what am Park and other requests so what do you think the government stuff