Locating IIBA Center for CBAP Exam

/Locating IIBA Center for CBAP Exam
Locating IIBA Center for CBAP Exam 2020-05-14T12:13:30+00:00

Hello my name is Edward and in this video I’m gonna show you how to find a testing center to take the IBA exam so exams for the CBAP CCBA + ECBA these are IIBA exams so i’m going to show you how to locate the testing center and how to review available dates that you can schedule for your exam what you need to do is go to Prometric calm as you can see in this URL and then scroll down to where it says search start by entering sponsor so you type IIBA hit go and let’s just wait for this so now it shows you down here i iba international institute of business analysis click that wait for it over here locate a testing center you click that and that’s for example look for something in dubai so we’re going to look for united arab emirates it next it’s searching and over here you can select the CBAP and also taken in Japanese if you want or the CCBA so you take now you don’t see the ECBA the entry competency or entry capability that one you don’t need a testing center that you can do from home that’s a proctored exam which you can do from home from anywhere where you have an internet connection but the CCBA and the CBAP you need to go to a testing center so click CBAP here hit next and over here I’m gonna type Dubai let’s search and there you have it you have two locations you can this one is in knowledge village the other one is in Abu Dhabi so over here you could click get directions or availability if you click availability you will get available dates so this is the these are the dates that you can get for April 2019 and if you want June hit June it go and there you have it 13 different dates when you can take the exam if you click any of these dates on the 11th you’ll see on the right that it gave you two time slots that you can schedule one early in the morning and one at 11:30 and there you have it now you know when the exam is available and what time and the location