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Hello guys and welcome to my video on a harder takeover a project and get started on it my name is Edward Shahab and if you’re not subscribe to my videos please hit the subscribe button and if you liked this video please give me a thumbs up well I’m going to give you five steps that you can follow to take over a project when you’ve been assigned one so here’s the scenario you’ve been assigned a project by your boss and you need to figure out how to get started so the first thing that you want to do which is step number one is get all the details from your sponsor your sponsor who’s your sponsor well that’s the person who assigned you the project so you want to sit with them meet with them understand what they’re expecting out of this project get the goals get the objectives figure out the scope of work what is it that they’re looking for deliverables and so on how much time do you have and how much money is going to be available for this and whether you’re going to be responsible for the money or even for resources on the project find out if they’ll give you a resources if they’ll provide the staff or if you need to get the staff yourself once you have all this basic information go to step number two figure out if there’s other sources of information so for example are there people who can help guide you on what needs to be done people with background on what this project is there is there a business case is there a study that was done is there some benchmark that they are copying against that they you know that they want to use as a reference is there a document is there a contract where is the reference document or information that you can get started with so you want to ask about whether you have any such information and if there is information you’d want to take it with you if you if that’s available and then review it to make sure that you understand exactly the background of this one project see if there’s contracts then the terms would have to be met with so that’s step number two once you’ve read through all this information you’re going to get a sense for what this projects going to require and that takes us to step number three where you want to figure out if you are going to need any resources for this project and I mean manpower I mean software space Hardware if any but most of the time you might need some skills engineering skill maybe an expert in a specific domain so you need to figure out if you need any such skills on your project you might need people to help you on the project like specific roles so other than skills you might need a business analyst you might need a risk specialist you might need a planner scheduler so it all depends on the nature of the project other than this you might need specific software to be able to manage the data for those for this one project or maybe a planning scheduling one like Microsoft Project right or maybe something that you can use to manage your requirements or to do design work for this one specific project mind you you’re not the technical person here but you might need some software or tools or people or a space to work in in order for you to manage that one project once you’re done with step number three you need to obviously ask for these resources the step number four would be to identify with the resources that you have identify who your stakeholders are if you’re wondering what a stakeholder is a stakeholder is anyone who has anything to do with your project whether in a positive way or negative ways someone who can affect it someone who can be affected by it you want to sit with your team and brainstorm for who should be involved in this specific project you want to identify them you want to understand their character and their role within this one project in the planning stage you would go meet with these stakeholders and get their requirements so that’s step number four once you know who your stakeholders are you’re ready to go to step number five which is prepare a project Charter or you can call it a project brief prepare a document that outlines what you’ve understood from your sponsor about the project the scope of the work the budget the timeframe the resources available to you the list of key stakeholders that are involved in this one project the available sources for information and get this and then review this with your sponsor and make sure that your understanding of their needs is correct get them to sign this one document or acknowledge it one way or the other and this gives you the green light to start planning your project if you want to know more about how to prepare a project Charter click on this thing above here this will take you to another video that explains how to prepare project charter once they sign off you’ve officially initiated this one project and you own it from this point on what you want to do is you want to go into planning your project I do have another video on how to plan a project that is right above here and that will take you to that video all right well that’s all for now these are the five steps to taking over and initiating a project hope you like this video if you do please click that like button show me that you liked it and if you haven’t subscribed please click the subscribe button and hit the notification button if you like these topics I publish frequently and I’ll let you know when we have the next video released thank you that’s all for now and I hope to see you on the next video bye bye you