Have you ever asked your boss for a raise or made a request or talk to them about an idea but did not get a good response my name is Edward Shehab  and I’m going to explain to you why you’re failing at convincing your manager [Music] welcome back so you came to your boss with a great idea and you thought this will be something they will jump at immediately you explained it to them you had passion in it you wake you talked about all the strong points of this one idea but your boss did not go with it why do you think they did they did not get excited about your idea well every person needs to be influenced in a certain way there are certain things that you like and there are certain things that other people like if you’re explaining your idea from your own point of view and speaking about the points that matter to you which is why you got excited about the idea it doesn’t mean that the other person sees it that way so what you have to realize is that the other person has their own Drive they have their own interest they have their own priorities so before you come up with that before you bring this idea to your boss you need to stand back a little bit and think and analyze this one person that you’re going to be talking to and try to figure out what it is that motivates them what is it that drives them what gets them excited are they looking for profit are they looking for free time are they do they love being first are they excited about anything technology if you know how the other person thinks then you can choose the right words that will trigger a positive response in your boss so now you go you present your idea and you refer to key words that they care about you refer to goals that they are being measured on you make it sound like this is for them and what you’ll notice is that they will listen to you this time around so if you don’t succeed in getting your point across to this other person don’t give up accept it go back to your office think about it again and analyze why you might have failed in getting your point across to him her and then re-strategize how you will present the information to them there’s a very good chance that you did not hit a specific point that matters to them maybe all they care about is dollar signs maybe you left that out maybe you were focused on convenience of a technology or maybe the customer’s point of view but you didn’t speak to the shareholders point of view or you didn’t speak to the revenue point of view so go back and think about what points you might have missed and then re-strategize reformulate your idea and then go back and present it again to your boss and this time around there’s a very good chance you’ll get a more positive response now this influencing technique would apply to anything that you do it could be a promotion you’re asking for responsibilities that you would like to have a task that you would like to be you know give in to somebody else and instead of stating it from your own point of view try to state it from their own point of view and from what drives them and gets them excited that’s the key to getting what you want and that’s the key to influencing the other side I hope you enjoy this video and I hope you’re able to benefit from it try it the next time around and let me know if it worked for you or if if if it didn’t I’d love to hear from you your experiences with influencing either you know people at home or at work or anyone at all and you know I’ll be happy to hear the outcome and if you have any additional points that you like to bring in thank you for watching and hope to see you on the next video