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How do you see failure what does failure mean to you does it mean that you’re no good does it mean that what you tried wasn’t worth it does it mean that you shouldn’t continue does it make you feel less of yourself my name is Edward Shahab and I’m going to attempt to explain to you how I perceive failure in hopes that this would make you feel a little bit different about what failure means to you [Music] all right so we attempted something and we failed at it right how about we look at it a little bit different we did not fail instead we did not win we didn’t make it why didn’t we make it we must have done something wrong maybe we didn’t do anything wrong maybe we did our best maybe we researched it right but the results didn’t come in as expected so some will see that as failure I don’t see it as failure I see it as not achieving the target now if you if you look at it as failure that can be demoralizing you feel you feel badly about it well I don’t want to feel badly about it if I didn’t succeed there’s a chance that there is something that needs to be done a little bit different so that I can succeed the next time around so rather than seeing this as a failure or me doing or me not being good enough to succeed instead I’m going to see it as and I’m going to look at it objectively and see it as there was a step that was missing there must have been a component that I did not include there must have been a point that I should have taken into consideration for this thing to have worked so what is that that I didn’t put into the mix for me to get this to work the right way so I’m going to see the ending the outcome that did not achieve my targets as a no-win rather than a failure right and then I’m going to reformulate my strategy and figure out what was missing in the mix and then reattempt see failure is given up if at the end I try over and over and over and I don’t get it right then I give up that’s the point that I’ve failed right I fail to accomplish my goals if I don’t put a timeline and I say let me try this again a little bit differently and mind you this is an important point try it a little bit differently because if you keep trying the same thing over and over you’re gonna probably get the same results over and over so you don’t want to do the same thing over and over for you to succeed right what you want to do is do things differently find out evaluate what could have been missing the first time around is it the fact that you didn’t sleep enough is it a certain chemical compound you didn’t mix in it is it the way your wires were routed is it the way you wrote that email it depends what it is that you didn’t succeed at write figure out what it what it is that may have been missing talk to colleagues or friends and ask them what they think may have caused the no-win right and try it differently the next time around correct the mix fix it and reattempt and see if that would work if we keep giving up on everything that doesn’t work then we might stay in our place forever but if we overcome these challenges and if that’s all we see it as a challenge or hurdled something that didn’t work the first time around they’re more more likely to overcome it right and go past it once we have achieved it so then it’s a mindset now there are people who would say that it’s you know not my fault that I failed right the environment wasn’t supportive the boss wasn’t supportive my friends acted in a certain way or it is just nature that’s how nature is or you know that’s the statistics one in so many make it and the rest don’t well I have a different opinion right I am NOT going to blame anything around me or anyone around me for things that don’t succeed I’m going to analyze what that outcome required okay what that goal our objective required for it to succeed and if it has to do with the environment I’m going to try and see if I can secure that component that is needed for me to succeed if it has to do with people I’m going to discuss it with them I’m going to influence them to get what I need out of them if it’s my boss that is not supportive I’m gonna work hard at influencing my boss by using what matters to my boss by using terms and keywords and things that my boss is passionate about so that I can get a response out of them so basically I’m not gonna take a no-win and give up right I’m going to fight for my success I’m going to evaluate I’m going to analyze I’m going to look at the mix I’m going to look at the people involved and I’m going to take action and do things differently until I succeed here’s another perspective on failure how about we say that when you don’t achieve your goals right you didn’t fail instead you succeeded in knowing what doesn’t work I know it sounds kind of funny but you can cross off that mixture or that combination as a combination that doesn’t get you to what you want so now you have successfully identified what doesn’t work now let’s try a different mix and see if that one would get you to what you want if it doesn’t work also then you can cross off that one you successfully identified another combination that doesn’t work over a period of or over many repetitions you eventually will figure out the mix that would work try it let me know what you think I know what I’m suggesting might be a little bit radical and a lot of you might disagree with it but I think it is what separates the successful people from those who give up easily and I think if you look around you and talk to people that you respect greatly and ask them if they’ve ever failed they were bound to hear some failure stories but you will probably also hear their stories of how they overcame those challenges and kept moving forward hope this video shed some light on what failure is and how to overcome failure or what failure is not and how to be more successful thank you for watching and hope to see you on the next video take care bye bye