PMP 2021 Mock Exam Set - 5 Realistic Mock PMP Exams


Welcome to our PMP free quiz page where we provide you with free PMP practice test questions and answers.

If you have studied hard and want to test yourself to get ready for the real Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, you have come to the right place. We have a huge pool of questions for you to practice with, and it is ALL FREE!

On this PMP practice questions page, we have random sets of 30 PMP questions from a 2000+ questions bank.

On the full PMP exam from PMI, you have to answer 180 questions in 4 hours.


You will get different questions each time

Go ahead and check your readiness to sit for the exam. Once you have completed a round of 30 questions, you can always retake the quiz and get another random set of 30 questions. Good Luck!

By the way, our exam simulator application works perfectly in smartphones – Apple or Android.

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This PMP practice exam is based on PMBOK6 and has 30 questions.  You can postpone questions if you want, and answer at the end.  After you answer each question, you will be told if you got it right or wrong.  If you got it wrong, you will be told what the correct answer is and the justification.

Remember: You can always retake this exam and get a different set of 30 questions. This exam pulls 30 questions randomly from a large pool of over 2000 questions.

Free PMP Sample Exam with immediate answers (30 Questions)

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