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all right so strategy and assets will be new to you guys most people come to the training most again not all not always focus on strategy in essence not really their job their job and mostly to collect requirements based on a specific request that came to them analyze it and prepare BRD business requirement document or some other specification document PRS business requirement specification there are different names and then it’s a better to management management reviews and improves as such and a lot of times you find the B A’s are low level positions okay the way I see bas is a more senior role and the only thing that would make the senior is you got like scratch the surface of what is incident senior activities it’s not the senior activities are scratch all right so strategy analysis is about thinking big right most organizations need that but what they don’t they don’t give it to you the BA they give it to their own senior managers by anounced people are dealing with this CIO most CEOs CFOs they make these decisions see how much I owe you know all these people they make decisions on the one person caught that joke see how much I owe is not but they could open it for people so the reason they don’t do that because the overall image of bas is that that’s a lower level one right but what if you’re the one instead of figuring out requirements for a small solution small enhancement where to think big SN I know grand scale solutions entry into a new market introduction of a new product rolling on a an attractive new product would be a ruling of the new product but what if you wanted to come up with some innovative solution but you have no clue what it is what if you wanted to enhance your performance in business I think that’s what you do right what if you wanted to pestle it and not necessarily a skill it sounds bad right what if you want to elevate what if you wanted to elevate your sales from a certain number to another number what if you wanted to reach a specific segment of the market right so these things they don’t have a predefined solution and management doesn’t give you the product that you need to make or what the idea is we want this outcome but then they never come to a VA they always speak to department heads who’s to say that the department has actually qualified for this if I’m head of engineering I probably know what I’ve learned I went up in engineering if I’m head of marketing I probably know marketing but it doesn’t mean that I know business strategy well in case this word the business climate passed a mission impossible no they have a mission and a vision right the vision is where they see themselves in a few years to five ten years the mission is what they do for them to achieve the vision they usually develop a plan and that plan is a strategic plan most of the time this strategic plan is done on an annual basis on an annual basis you find the top managers they meet they discuss with the department heads they talk about weaknesses strengths and everything and they decide that we need to lose this for example if a new competitors come in is a problem which applies to your industry because you’re not government retail or such you could have a strong competitor who can actually you know turn the tables against you because they’re quite powerful but when your government it’s a little bit different you’re not worried about competition you’re more worried about internal weaknesses rather than anything else weaknesses strengths and so on capabilities so on an annual basis organizations develop strategic plans and these opt out or accept that we need plan and the plan is there are things to be done things to follow them things that depend on them you have your study now you get to a certain point at the end if I develop a strategic plan for this year that is part of a two-year strategy it means I know that 2-year plan to achieve my vision that’s what they usually think so if my vision is two years out I have a strategic plan for every year all right and that’s a teaching plan if it’s not executed as expected it’s going to miss the mark for your vision okay so that’s the concept of strategic plan where do you come in SBA’s we are the ones who actually weigh mean the n-word that’s where we come in they have put this business so they will give us a business need I should use a different color business mine would have a need or will have a problem because they would have done their strategic plan and in it they would have decided that they need to enter in your market for example and they’re not really sure how to do that but that’s the need now it’s one piece of the total need we need to enter Singapore for example or India and they come to the VA the way we see it they should come to the VA and say we need a solution that gets us into Singapore or India all right that’s different from converting at least from a boiler room to library because the library is predefined product we know what the product is in this case the product is not defined they don’t really know how they’re going to enter Singapore they could have – from airport it’s a good idea is there water in Singapore they go by boat right so if they’re going to have the de Singapore mark or India market then they need a strategy and that’s why we have strategy analysis for the BA the ba now needs to assess and you’ll see it on the next green net this one analyzed my current state so in our organization how suited Halloween were entering into Singapore market what capabilities do we have what technology do we have what the manpower was our level of experience how connected are we all financially strong right so once we figure all that out then we can think of what is the best case scenario what is the best possible future state that we can get can we dream big do we need to dream small should we limit what we’re thinking and so that’s what happens here is that we start to think based on the Kearney State what is the best possible future State and so we say analyze your current state because and now whereas this one says define future state define so that means it’s up to you you can you can calculate nut cap table you can figure the pieces that are possible and if you aim for them then you develop a plan to get there and that ends up being some sort of a change strategy but it’s not a strategy yet because for you to go from a current state to a future state you need to be very careful not to destroy things or harm what you already have the business and so you evaluate the risks then what things could go wrong if we started to get into the Singapore market for example what could be affected and there are many things that could be considered there’s a very good chance that your staff or your your technical team becomes thinning spread right and maybe you could overextend your finances or maybe you don’t know the market in Singapore and you just expose yourself to a big competitor there who now starts to attack you from there which we can do because your management has to respond and deal with these issues what you didn’t have them if you didn’t go to Singapore so a lot of times when he makes strategic moves you always have to evaluate what can go wrong with that right and if you know what could go wrong and you figure what’s the best way to deal with those risks what can go wrong on the risk you can deal with them we say mitigate then we develop a strategy that mitigates the risk and takes us from the current state the future state that’s what we call the change strategy so in the material you see discussing a guide a guide line tool and guideline all the time why in most cases it defines Who I am most important or most relevant stakeholders in most instances it tells you where your priorities are because you are at that stage in your business analysis it’s trying to imagine what can be what can happen so it’s thinking forward into next two years five years mind you you as a BA are not going to be asked to develop a strategic plan for the organization they can but that’s not what we’re doing here they would just ask you for one thing we need to enter Singapore market or we need to be able to sell to women maybe we’re selling on shoes maybe selling jewelry but we feel we could sell more if we can target mammals not just women maybe we can also target jewelry for children so how do we do that all right and you may have to pay the different ways obviously things come to mind that I can go online instead or I could have stores different places but the cool brand partner with somebody else the options always exist but which one are you most suited for and which one creates the least risk for you all right so then that’s when you have to look at my current state that’s an organization what are the capabilities that really identify us where can we go from there all right so it’s always going to start with the current state I’m gonna tell your story I like telling stories and they say you want to be a leader you have to know how to tell stories so I’m just gonna tell your stories but the rest of the day I what was the first time you heard about business analysis okay that’s the date fine under what circumstances I meant was it an IT related knowledge type frittered IT project then you learn about business analysis Isaac when was the first time [Music] [Music] Yami’s so i okay alright so then basically it’s IT alright and you wear it I see University they told you about this is enhances software engineer but it wasn’t business analyst it was software engineers but they never called it business analysis right they say business analysis so since I’m most of you guys right I heard about it differently business analysis and you would never believe where I’ve heard one business had nothing to do with IT so a long long time ago I can remember when writing before before Noah’s Ark actually nothing but it’s really old yes very long time yeah will you make sure we put one business analyst and one system analyst on the ark you save them to save the profession yes yeah a male and female mosquito you know keep them away another trying to kill but we did put a BA and a PM on the arm just to save the profession by information carries about a long time ago I was actually reading a magazine yes back then we used to read magazines these days it’s ebooks anyway I was reading a magazine and there was a story of this dairy farm dairy milk cheese butter ghost cows sheeps okay a dairy farmer who raises the metric animals and use this milk but it’s myth business that’s what he does for living and he’s been selling to the community milk and cheese you know all made the does Pacific factory and you know the old-fashioned way of the milkman the bottle and delivery maybe not all countries but that’s how it used to be like you see in the movies right this is based in New York maybe in the Midwest so anyways one overtime right what happened is his business this is just doing really well in his local community but at some point his business started to defeat him something right so here with pinnacle know his business started to feel pain and he realized that sales are dropping and he wanted to figure out why still isn’t dropping and you know he would talk to his factory to the people their business not really a home but it’s organically grown business you know much of the air in the community but he couldn’t really pinpoint but he had a feeling that it’s just because supermarkets have upgraded and now you are getting boxes of milk where we usually used to be delivering these two homes now there’s competitors packaging cheese and yogurts and things like that sour cream making these with fancy labels and you know they are taking good shelf space in the supermarket so people are seeing them and they think it’s fancy and they bought it nevertheless this product is more kind you know made right there is the best of the best to actually see it it’s not going through a big factory and who knows what’s in them right so but still it was affecting him right so his daughter goes to university studies business so he talked to his daughter Ivanka Trump not joking now you talk to his daughter and he says I need your help you know you’re going to university maybe it’s time for the university to pay back some returns I’m suffering in the business as you know and it’s a long it’s a family distance so she actually knows she works at them and she’s like yeah I’m aware and he’s like we need we need to do something otherwise sooner you know sooner or later we’re gonna go out of business like this that people start to slowly go to the other brands then we’re gonna stop so she suggested that she knows somebody in her class now I made sure this money to introduce him to her dad for other reasons but she’s like I know this guy – Colin Eric oh no relation to Harry anyways I can bring em you know the lunch one day and talk right so she brought this guy the that was wanna bring this guy he knew who knows to be something else so he brought the guy anyway they had lunch and probably included muscle she’s at Yelp you know so you can use his milk and cream and so the guy accepted it was actually very smart he wore glasses that makes him smarter so he wore less and he started asking the business owner this farmer the dairy farmer questions real questions a university him and he is a friend or maybe classmates of his owner so they the guy started asking questions what do you sell ok we know you sell milk in there what exactly yourself and he lists which one is your biggest stuff with yourself how do you suffer how much are you saved what’s your target what were you expecting and then he said do you have a sense for who is eating into your product yeah competition is in the supermarket right do you know what you do you know what’s the best aspect of what you produce what is it that you stand out for then these are their strengths right so it was collecting that information then you ask them the cost basis how much does it cost you for like a gallon of milk after you sell it for is this profit margin we go through other channels to actually said the milk or cheese Oh are they good for the holiday last so he has to rush for questions to understand the business model that this farmer uses he wanted to know the ins and outs he also asked him things like how do you serve your customers do you have any customer support hotline cause their relationship with your customer seems like that’s excellent we are part of this community and what I think really makes a stand up is that we have engines to me for very long they know us everything he knows us they grew on our myth you know for the longest time and they may be meat and trust lasting what we produced okay so that’s your strength but you do have stress coming from out there so what this ba well I wouldn’t wanna be a I’m going to show you quickly somebody thinks that he did which now are now included in the business and assets body of knowledge he did a capability map for him I’ll explain this later in the capability math he mapped out all the capabilities that this farmer has in selling in the market the milk in there what capabilities he possesses manufacturing capability financial capability marketing capability be trying to figure how well how strong he is in these we also went and did what we follow this business model canvas this is all they’ve been doing it for many years he mapped out the business model that he does including what partnerships what activities his cost structure is marking the revenue Tom’s mom his value proposition like what is it that’s so unique or special about your services and his customer services his segments that he’s targeting right we will cover this in details he did that he also did a SWOT for him right and at the end of this he made a recommendation form all right based on what I’ve seen right now based on your financial standing based on your competition out there which competition we seek and name threats over there but he also knows that this guy has certain strengths his presence in the community is sufficient considering me as a clean reputation right so then he developed a game plan I can’t remember the game plan obviously but I’m sure it included also I believe I recall correctly was some sort of partnership you know I can also produce for the other providers who offer partnerships with them because they were big and have lots of money and therefore they usually tell you if you have a threat and it hits you in a weak spot financially for example he was here would be weak compared to the funded competition and so on then usually the idea would be consider getting out of that market but he wouldn’t get out of this market because that’s his livelihood but in the other way to know it would be to partner with them and deliver and maybe produce locally for them but he also told them you could produce your own organic products whereas the other ones can hardly clean its organic when it has been produced with maple and they add to it to extend its likely shot like they have additives and preservatives and so on he says yours would inhabit people can come to you directly and buy by the kilogram you can produce you can sell them even though they are boxed items now you’re serious about Marcus they don’t have that dairy section where it’s fresh product so you can sell the fresh product as compared to what they do and you can maintain the market but anyway that was my first introduction to what business analysis is because it describe this guy someone was studying business he was a you know a classmate of his daughter and he was analyzing the business who is the business analyst that actually drew me and I got interested in it later on as it turns out everybody is using business as an IT because that’s where a lot of discovery exists you know what’s the best way to automate what’s the best way to speed up what’s the best way to but mostly automate they wanted to automate because that would reduce cost for them