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Building a Brand on Social Media

Your brand speaks for your company and its products and/or services. In today’s online-focused world, it’s important that your brand has a definitive, consistent, and responsive presence.

Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch, or strengthen an existing brand, this course will help you build a brand using social media. We’ll cover how to build a social media strategy, identify social media platforms that fit your brand, craft strong messages that will engage your audience, and evaluate and revise your strategy.

2 Days

Building a Brand on Social Media

14 PDUs

Personal Development Unit

What Will Students Learn?

  • Define terms related to social media branding
  • Create a strategy for your social media brand
  • Describe various social media platforms and identify what platforms fit your brand
  • Communicate effectively over social media
  • Deal with negative feedback and criticism
  • Create a social media playbook to guide brand ambassadors
  • Evaluate your brand strength and revise your strategy

Course Overview

We will spend the first part of the day getting to know other participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.

Defining the Terms

You can’t mount an effective social media branding campaign if you don’t know the terms. This session will take care of that. You will learn what a brand is and what goes into making a brand. They you will look at social media and learn what it exactly is and its rise over the past several decades.

Building Your Social Media Branding Strategy

Once you have a grasp on the terms it’s time to take the next step. This session looks at the key ingredients for a successful branding strategy including what you want your brand to say and what is it saying currently. Also covered along the way are how will the brand come to life, resources, and how to evaluate progress.

Identifying Your Social Media Audience

Once you’ve got a branding strategy in place you need a target, that’s where this session becomes very helpful. It looks at building an audience profile and includes a range of questions to fine-tune your search for a target audience.

The Key Social Media Platforms

By this point of the course learners have laid the groundwork for a successful social media branding campaign. The next step is coming to grips with key social media platforms. This session looks at choosing the right platform(s) for your brand, identifying ways to build your brand on a social network, and looking at options for the platforms.

Creating Brand-Focused Messages

Now comes a look at brand-focused messages. This session looks at the elements of a successful social media message and then delves deeper through a look at a recent social media gaffe by a major company. The session wraps up with a study of how to deal with negative online feedback when it happens.

Building Customer Trust

This session allows students to look at some high profile examples of ways that individuals and companies can make or break customer trust through their social media actions.

Developing a Communication Strategy

It’s no use in having a comprehensive social media plan if you don’t have a strategy for using it and that’s the focus of this session. Each brand needs guidelines for a social media presence and they are addressed here along with a look at applying them to each student’s situation. The session concludes with a look at how to turn customers into online ambassadors for your brand and examines an actual example from the business world.

Reviewing and Revising

Nothing is perfect in life, including a social media presence. Students get instructed in this session on how to deal with any subtle flaws or imperfections in their social media campaigns.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of the course, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.