Project Management Courses

  • Essential communication skills course

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    2 days
    - 14 PDUs/14 CDUs

    Communications Skills Course Training in Dubai & Boston This course teaches the essential communication skills that will bring success in both the workplace and at home. The primary aim of this training course is to enable participants with an understanding of the impact that their communication skills can have on others, while exploring the different […]

  • Change Management – Change and How to Deal With It

    1 Day
    - 7 PDUs

    This one-day workshop is designed for participants who want to develop their change management skills and be able to take concrete steps to make change more palatable by understanding people’s hesitation, enlisting the help of others, setting up plans, and managing stressors.

  • Gathering and Managing Project Requirements

    2 days
    - 14 PDUs/14 CDUs

    Requirements Management Course in Dubai Training on Gathering and Managing Project Requirements – Courses in Dubai and Boston This Requirements Management course will teach you how to gather requirements, document and analyze them.  It examine how to plan, identify and estimate requirements activities, control requirements scope, identify and manage requirements risk, track metrics for projects […]

  • Project Management for Non-PMs

    5 Days
    - 35 PDUs

    This course was designed with you in mind. It goes over the key concepts of project management in a gentle and fun way. It walks you through all the key steps from when the project is first initiated or requested, to how it is planned, executed, monitored and then finally delivered and closed.
    You will learn by practicing each concept immediately after the instructor has explained it to you. You will work in small groups and apply simple techniques and proven methods in project management that have been used by millions of project managers around the world. You will feel confident that you can take ownership of your next big task and succeed.

  • Project Management Fundamentals

    2 days
    - 14 PDUs

    Project Management Fundamentals Training – Courses in Dubai and Boston Fundamentals of Project Management Course This fundamentals of project management training course will provide delegates with a brief overview of the world of project management.  It covers basic Project Management concepts including project management definitions, project and project management life cycles, types of organizations and […]