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A PMO is a centralized department within an organization dedicated to improving the practice and results of project management.  When a PMO is properly setup with all the right components, processes and people, it can deliver a multitude of benefits including increased cost efficiency, reduced risks, shorter project delivery times and measurable, repeatable, success.  However, a bad PMO setup could result in the opposite effect, in additional to reduced morale and performance among the project team, excessive in-fighting within the organization and a lack of faith in achievement of the organization’s vision.

Our PMO set up approach will be based on your own circumstances.  We do not copy and paste PMO’s from standard template

s.  Instead, we carefully assess your current capabilities and develop a phased-out PMO development plan that is guaranteed to be usable by your organization, with clearly defined KPI’s to measure our performance with. Our PMO setup includes:

  • Establishment of an effective project management structure for the organization.
  • Definition of project roles and responsibilities
  • Standardization of methodologies used for projects,
  • Deployment of project Management tools and templates,
  • Development of a project reporting structure

If you are considering setting up a new PMO or you have one that has gone bad and is not producing results, and would like to talk to one of our consultants, kindly send an email to

PMO Consultancy in Dubai

We also offer training on setting up the PMO.  If you would like to get the details, please Click Here

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